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Call for papers on Gender in Impact Assessment & Management
27 May 2019
Online, Other Countries

IAIA’s journal, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA), is planning a special issue on gender and impact assessment and management. Original research papers, case studies, and conceptual papers between 5,000-8,000 words on experiences with integrating, analyzing, and addressing gender in impact assessment and management are invited. Abstracts are due 30 August 2019 and full papers 30 March in 2020. More details are available at

Launch of the Extractives-led Local Economic Diversification (ELLED) Framework
17 April 2019
Online, Other Countries

Mining Shared Value (MSV), an initiative of Engineers Without Borders Canada, has launched the Extractives-led Local Economic Diversification (ELLED) Framework in partnership with the World Bank’s Energy and Extractives Global Practice. The ELLED Framework is an online tool that supports host country policymakers in understanding and implementing policies to increase local participation in extractive industry value chains, while leveraging the sector to create more diversified economies. The tool is freely available in the ELLED website:

New publicly available Human Rights Impact Assessment Report
11 March 2019
Online, Oceania

The Danish Institute of Human Rights just published the HRIA they conducted for Total S.A. on the Papua Liquefied Natural Gas Project - with a focus on gender, security and conflict. Available for download at:

Social impact studies sought for teaching purposes
06 March 2019
Online, Oceania

Prof. Sango Mahanty is looking for “living” case studies and reports, in particular, documents that address one or more of the following: Safeguards related to involuntary resettlement. Safeguards related to indigenous peoples. Major infrastructure developments (e.g., dams, railways, roads) Natural resource use/management (e.g., forestry, fisheries, conservation, agriculture, extractive industries) Health Urban planning New technologies Gendered impacts Cumulative impacts/Strategic environmental assessments The studies may have been conducted ahead of the intervention, during or after it, or may even be a set of documents that covers all of these. Ideally the reports will be from within the last decade or so. If you are aware of, or have access to, any documents fitting this description, please contact Sango Mahanty at Sango will share the library with all contributors.

Launch of the new ESG toolkit from the CDC Group
30 January 2019
Online, Europe

Launch of the new ESG toolkit from the CDC Group with very interesting and relevant materials for those who work with E&S Performance. Available at:

EU Bank's Energy Lending Policy - up for Public Consultation:
16 January 2019
Brussels, Europe

The European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU Bank, is consulting on the review of its energy lending policy.

SIA e-learning programme: registration open
10 December 2018
Online, Other Countries

Registration is open for the second round of the the SIA e-learning programme offered by Community Insights Group and the University of Strathclyde. The 8-week course will build practical knowledge in conducting SIA that conforms to the International Association for Impact Assessment's Principles and Guidance for SIA, the IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards, good international industry practice and the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. Please download course brochure for e-learning programme details on 

Applications can be made up to 18 February 2019 and the course starts on 04 March 2019. For registration, please email your CV to,

ICMM commits to UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as a condition of membership
03 December 2018
London, Europe

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) announced new membership requirements to advance the sustainability performance of the mining sector, committing members to implement the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Speaking at the UN Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights, Tom Butler, ICMM’s Chief Executive announced ICMM’s new performance expectations that will define what mining with principles looks like in practice, by setting a benchmark for the industry’s environmental and social performance.

The performance expectations will apply to all ICMM’s company members who manage almost 650 assets in over 50 countries, covering nearly half of the world’s iron ore and copper production, and over a quarter of all mined commodities by value. Therefore, it will be the most far-reaching initiative to advance environmental and social performance in the mining industry.

More info at:

2018 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark
13 November 2018
Online, Other Countries

The 2018 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark is out! The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark assesses 101 of the largest publicly traded companies in the world on a set of human rights indicators.

Full report available at

Resources, case studies and literature on HRIA
30 October 2018
Online, Other Countries

In collaboration with the American University Washington College of Law Human Rights in Business Program, along with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the ABA Center for Human Rights, Nomogaia have compiled publicly available resources, case studies and literature on HRIA. The document is updated frequently and provides hyperlinks to available resources. Available at:

IPIECA releases Community liaison officers team building and management guidance
09 October 2018
Online, Other Countries

IPIECA has developed the Community liaison officers team building and management guidance, to assist community relations managers in planning their community liaison teams and recruiting community liaison officers (CLOs).

The Human Rights Impact of Bauxite Mining in Guinea
08 October 2018
Guinea, Africa

"What do we get out of it?" - Recent report from  Human Rights Watch about the human rights impacts of bauxite mining in Guinea

The new World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) is live!
05 October 2018
Washington, North America

As of October 1, 2018, the ESF applies to all new World Bank investment project financing.

Recent publication from the Business & Human Rights Centre about human rights risks and issues in the renewable energy sector
04 October 2018
Online, Other Countries

Renewable Energy Risking Rights & Returns: An analysis of solar, bioenergy & geothermal sectors

Update of the SIA Key Citations series
18 September 2018
Online, Other Countries

The Social Impact Assessment Key Citations series from the International Association for Impact Assessment have been updated!

OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct
04 September 2018
France, Europe

"The objective of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct (Guidance) is to provide practical support to enterprises on the implementation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by providing plain language explanations of its due diligence recommendations and associated provisions. Implementing these recommendations helps enterprises avoid and address adverse impacts related to workers, human rights, the environment, bribery, consumers and corporate governance that may be associated with their operations, supply chains and other business relationships. The Annex to the Guidance includes additional explanations, tips and illustrative examples of due diligence."

Available at:

ADB publication about Health Impact Assessment and transboundary issues
21 August 2018
Online, Asia

The Asian Development Bank publication entitled "Health Impact Assessment Framework for Special Economic Zones in the Great Mekong Subregion" has been recently published and is freely available for download at

Report from the University of British Columbia and the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) on Meaningful Community Participation
17 August 2018
Ghana, Africa

Implementing the Ahafo Benefit Agreements: Seeking Meaningful Community Participation at Newmont’s Ahafo Gold Mine in Ghana

Getting It Done: A Handbook on Social Performance Management
08 August 2018
Other Countries

New practical publication from Monkey Forest Consulting - "Getting It Done: A Handbook on Social Performance Management: A handbook for creating and implementing social performance management systems". 

Available for purchase at

Open source publication on Extractive Industries governance
23 July 2018
Other Countries

This new (free) book from Prof. Anthony Bebbington and other authors uses Latin American and African case studies to form a broad geographical comparison. This new book from Prof. Anthony Bebbington and other authors uses Latin American and African case studies to form a broad geographical comparison. It also compares countries over long historical periods in order to allow readers to see patterns over time, using theory and deep empirical analysis, explaining concepts and supporting them with broad based substantiation.

EIB e-learning course on its environmental and social standards
04 July 2018
Online, Europe

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has just launched an e-learning course providing the required knowledge and skills to implement its EU-based environmental and social standards.

Primarily focused on the needs of the EIB’s financial intermediaries outside the EU, this course will suit the needs of anyone interested in integrating environmental and social dimensions to ensure sustainable investment projects.

New guidance document from the UNDP on mining, environment and human rights
20 June 2018
Online, Other Countries

The UNPD guidance document "Extracting Good Practices: A Guide for Governments and Partners to Integrate Environment and Human Rights into the Governance of the Mining Sector" has just been published! Available at:

New publication from the IDB - Social Impact Assessment: Integrating Social Issues in Development Projects
08 June 2018
Online, North America

This new guidance from the IDB "is structured around ten key elements, which should be embedded in an SIA process in projects of moderate to high risk, scale, and complexity. However, the note stresses that these elements should not be applied mechanically or as a blueprint. The nature and setting of each project is different, and the SIA process should be adapted and applied in a flexible manner."

IAIA18 Live Streaming
16 May 2018
Online, Africa

IAIA 18 will provide a live stream of the conference Opening Plenary, along with one theme forum session each morning, so that others around the world who cannot join us in Durban can see a little bit of IAIA18.

The live stream can be accessed at:— — please share it with your colleagues/network.

Launch of the Responsible Mining Index
18 April 2018
Netherlands, Europe

The Dutch government has supported the development of a “Responsible Mining Index” through a new organization called the “Responsible Mining Foundation” which is a bold attempt to directly compare corporate performance in the sector. 

Costa Rica is obliged to consult with Indigenous peoples on any project that might affect their territories (in Spanish)
12 March 2018
Costa Rica, South America

The mechanism has its origin in recommendations from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples.

Sector-Wide Impact Assessment of Myanmar’s Mining Sector
12 March 2018
Myanmar, Asia

The Mining SWIA, developed by MCRB and DIHR, is intended to encourage a switch to responsible mining in Myanmar.

IAIA18, “Environmental Justice in Societies in Transition,” will be held 16-19 May 2018
09 March 2018
Durban, South Africa., Africa

IAIA18, “Environmental Justice in Societies in Transition,” will be held 16-19 May 2018 in Durban, South Africa. For more information, visit the conference web site#iaia18

The preliminary program is available. Download it today to see an overview of the technical program, details on training courses and technical visits, special meetings and networking activities, and more!

Registration is open until 20 April at

Launch of the Corporate Social Responsibility Standards Navigation Tool
26 February 2018
Canada, North America

The CSR Standards Navigation Tool is designed to help Canadian companies, civil society organizations, communities, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners and host country governments more easily access the best practices and guidance outlined in the six international standards endorsed by the Government of Canada.

Applying ERM to Environmental, Social and Governance-related Risks
19 February 2018
United States of America, North America

​​​​​​In a unique partnership, CO​SO and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have jointly developed draft guidance: Applying Enterprise Risk Management to Environmental, Social and Governance-related Risks to help organizations worldwide respond to the increasing prevalence and severity of ESG-related risks.

New guidance on community engagement for power projects in Kenya
15 February 2018
Kenya, Africa

This guide was prepared by Power Africa to assist the community engagement efforts of power project developers in Kenya. It was developed to shed light on the importance of community engagement as good business practice and proposes an approach contextualized to the Kenyan
situation. The purpose is that the guide will serve as a practical manual for developers to conduct more effective community engagement programs, that will ultimately lead to win-win projects for the community, the companies investing in Kenya, and for the country as a whole. 

Human rights in wind turbine supply chains - Towards a truly sustainable energy transition
07 February 2018
Netherlands, Europe

This briefing paper sheds light on the risks that are brought about by the projected increase in demand for minerals, such as iron ore and chromium, which are needed for the production of new wind turbines. 

New publication on gold mining and corporate responses to activism
05 February 2018
United States of America, North America

"Dirty Gold: How Activism Transformed the Jewelry Industry" by Dr. Michael John Bloomfield details business responses to activist campaigns that try to change mining practices through targeting jewelry retailers. 

More info:

Publication of book on oil and gas industry and civic culture - Public Brainpower
08 January 2018
Norway, Europe

Public Brainpower examines how civil society, public debate and freedom of speech affect the management of oil and gas resources and revenues. Drawing on the work of Almond and Verba on civic culture, by Dahl on polyarchy, by Habermas on the public sphere and by Putnam on civil society and social capital, the book introduces the concept of "public brainpower" and suggests that good governance of natural resources requires fertile public debate.

The Mobile Workers Guide. Fly-in/Fly-out and rotational shift work in mining. Yukon Experiences
18 December 2017
Other Countries

This guide is designed for people who work in the extractive industry (and their families) and who fly or drive as long-distance commuters to a mining camp. These forms of labour mobility are called FIFO (Fly-in/Fly-out) or DIDO (Drive-in/Drive-out). Some workers come from nearby communities while others have to fly for many hours to get to work. The Guide contains useful information also for companies and communities affected by FIFO/DIDO. 

Operationalising the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights – Perspectives from the Oil and Gas Sector
14 December 2017
Other Countries

The UNGPs have been widely accepted as the normative standard on business and human
rights. Drawing from the author's experience in the extractives sector, they have explored how the UNGPs were applied at BG Group in the period between 2010 and 2016. They have described some of the underlying design principles that informed the company’s approach at the time, and explored some of the dilemmas and challenges that accompany the practical implementation of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.  

HRIA Key Citations Released
14 December 2017
Other Countries

Key citations on the topic of Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA), are now available online, thanks to IAIA members Nora Götzmann and Natasha Maria Lund Andersen. ( Citations_HRIA 17 Oct.pdf)

DIHR HRIA Guidance and Toolbox - User Survey
01 December 2017

The Danish Institute of Human Rights is requesting input for developing the HRIA Guidance and Toolbox, with the anticipated launch of the final version in 2019.

Invitation for Public Comment: WB Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) Draft Guidance Notes for Borrowers
20 November 2017

The Environmental and Social Standards, which form an integral part of the World Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework, set out requirements for borrowing countries relating to the identification, assessment, and management of environmental and social risks and impacts associated with projects financed by the Bank through Investment Project Financing (IPF). The Bank is preparing Guidance Notes for Borrowers as a resource to help explain requirements contained in the Standards and provide helpful examples. 

Ranking of extractive companies on indigenous rights in the Arctic
12 October 2017
Other Countries

The ranking is intended as a contribution to Arctic governance and the upholding of indigenous rights, without the use of international treaties, laws, policing, or state intervention. Instead, the ranking aims to create competition among companies to be best on indigenous rights-by honoring and shaming companies, raising awareness, and encouraging companies to make explicit commitments to uphold indigenous rights. For the ranking to have this effect on the companies, it is important that people know about it and refer to it.

Also of relevance

Lessons from Four Decades of Infrastructure Project-Related Conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean
10 October 2017
Washington, DC, North America

This report investigates the nature and consequences of conflict in infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first study on this scale at the infrastructure industry. A hybrid quantitative and qualitative research approach provided the data for the study. 32 interviews were conducted with 42 sustainability experts involved in the development of infrastructure in LAC. Then, a database of 200 conflict-affected infrastructure projects across six sectors was created to assess the nature and drivers of conflicts, the companies’ response to conflicts, and the material implications for projects, companies, and societies. 

Gender Impact Assessment to come to Energy Projects in all 15 member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
27 September 2017
Denmark, Europe

On August 31st Community Insights Group (CIG) hosted a luncheon with leading professionals and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leaders in Denmark to present and discuss the Regional Directive on Gender Assessments in Energy Projects, recently validated and adopted in ECOWAS. The Decree’s validation is seen as a ground-breaking achievement for the Region in ensuring that the specific interests of both women and men are equally taken into account in the development of energy projects. 

New publication on Social & Human Rights Risk Management
25 September 2017
Other Countries

This newly published article represent the collective views of an economist, environmental engineer, sociologist, human rights lawyer and an environmental psychologist.

Guidelines on the process and preparation of the SIA report for mineral projects (Government of Greenland)
19 September 2017
Greenland, Other Countries

Greenland wants to develop the mineral resources area into one of the country’s primary and principal business sectors. This is to be done in close collaboration and dialogue with the Greenlandic population. Understanding the interaction between mineral projects and Greenlandic society is therefore essential in order to create sustainable relations between mineral resources companies, municipalities, affected individuals, other stakeholders as well as Greenlandic society in general.

Enviromine-Srmining 2017
14 September 2017
Chile, South America

The concept of social license to operate has pushed the mining industry to be increasingly responsive to community voices. In the wake of this change, the language of corporate social responsibility, social license to operate and sustainable development must align with innovation in practice and meaningful avenues for society. Enviromine-Srmining 2017 will be an opportunity to learn about the real reach, importance and limitations of social responsibility

NSW Australia Social Impact Assessment Guideline
07 September 2017
Australia, Oceania

The Department’s social impact assessment guideline for State significant mining, petroleum production, and extractive industry development (State significant resource projects) establishes a clear, consistent and rigorous framework for identifying, predicting, evaluating and developing responses to the social impacts of those projects, as part of the overall environmental impact assessment.

An Essential Script for Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
01 June 2017
Latin America and Caribbean, South America

By David Baringo

IAIA Indigenous Peoples Section Builds Bridge, Creates a Declaration
18 May 2017
Waskaganish, North America

Niskamoon Corporation in collaboration with the Indigenous Peoples Section of the International Association for Impact Assessment,  invited Indigenous participants from around the world to participate in Aashukan, an exchange hosted by the Crees of Northern Quebec, Canada in their ancestral homelands of Eeyou Istchee in the Cree community of Waskaganish. Aashukan means “bridge” in eastern Cree. The goal of the event was to create a new conversation that reconciles development and the protection of Indigenous culture and lands. It built bridges between these two imperatives for the benefit of all.

Approaching Energy Access Differently: How West Africa is putting Women’s Interests on the Table
08 May 2017
West Africa, Africa

Release of the UNICEF Child Rights and Mining Toolkit
19 April 2017
Online, Other Countries

Mining operations often occur in the most disadvantaged areas in the world, encountering some of the most vulnerable children, with profound and diverse impacts. UNICEF research conducted in 2013-14 found that the mining sector can have both adverse and positive impacts on children.  The likelihood, scale and severity of most of these impacts is linked to the nature of the activity and its proximity to local communities.

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark 2017 released
10 April 2017
Other Countries

The 2017 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark assesses 98 of the largest publicly traded companies in the world on 100 human rights indicators. The results reveal a small group of leaders pulling ahead of the rest. Available for download at:

RMI Draft Methodology Report
22 February 2017
Other Countries

The Responsible Mining Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the Draft Methodology of the Responsible Mining Index (RMI) for public comment.

Displacement, resettlement and livelihoods - Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal Special Issue
13 February 2017
Online, Other Countries

Publication of the special issue of Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal on Displacement, resettlement and livelihoods

IIED to host 2nd online artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) day
01 February 2017
Online, Other Countries

The International Institute for Environment and Development will host a "digital day" dedicated to artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) on 1 February, 2017, using online networks to connect mining stakeholders across the globe.

New South Wales (Australia) invites for public consultation
09 December 2016
Australia, Oceania

The Planning and Environment Department of New South Wales (Australia) is welcoming feedback on the Social impact assessment Draft Guidelines until 3 March 2017.

World Bank Board Approves New Environmental & Social Framework
04 August 2016
Various, Other Countries

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved a new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) that expands protections for people and the environment in Bank-financed investment projects.

09 May 2016
Nagoya, Japan, Asia

Last chance for registration! The pre-registration and payment deadline for training courses is 14 March, 2016.

The Human Rights in Impact Assessment course, jointly developed and facilitated by CIG and the Danish Institute for Human Rights, is offered in The Human Rights in Impact Assessment course, jointly developed and facilitated by CIG and the Danish Institute for Human Rights, is offered in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan on May 9-10, 2016 in the framework of the IAIA16 Annual Conference: Resilience and Sustainability. Please visit the conference website to register:

New book on climate change adaptation
31 October 2015
Bangladesh, Asia

This book offers a solid framework for analyzing the process and components of adaptation of rural livelihoods to a changing hydro-climatic environment and presents empirical evidence of livelihood adaptation at the local level in Bangladesh.

Call for Papers: Environmental Impact Assessment Review
15 October 2015

The Special Issue of Environmental Impact Assessment Review will address the implications of proponent control of IA, and examine alternative or complimentary approaches that can help overcome any shortcomings associated with it. 

Call for Papers: Displacement, resettlement and livelihoods
30 July 2015

Papers which focus on any worthwhile topic relating to project-induced displacement, land acquisition, resettlement, or the restoration and enhancement of livelihoods in these processes are sought for a special issue of the journal, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA). IAPA is the journal of the International Association for Impact Assessment ( The December 2016 issue of IAPA has been reserved for this special issue. Please note that IAPA will be included in Thomson Reuters SSCI/Web of Science from 2015.

Definitive SIA guidance document to be launched 20 April at IAIA15
07 April 2015

Vanclay, F., Esteves, A.M., Aucamp, I. & Franks, D. 2015 Social Impact Assessment: Guidance for assessing and managing the social impacts of projects. Fargo ND: International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA).

At the IAIA'15 conference (specifically at Monday 20 April, 11.00 -12.30) there will be a theme forum at which the document will be officially launched.

Published by the International Association for Impact Assessment, this 100-odd page document will become the definitive statement on best practice in social impact assessment.

Available for download below, or in Resources section of this website and on

Environmental and Social Conflict Resolution in the Resources Sector
06 April 2015
live webcast,

The extractive industry has the potential to significantly transform environments, communities and economies. At times, such transformation may manifest in conflicts or disputes between a resource developer and local communities, or even complete breakdown of the company's social licence to operate—with associated costs for the company, local communities, and the broader public.

IPIECA launches new manual: Community grievance mechanisms in the oil and gas
27 January 2015
global, Other Countries

IPIECA launches new manual on community grievance mechanisms in the oil and gas industry

IPIECA’s new manual provides practical step-by-step guidance on how to plan and implement operational-level community grievance mechanisms (CGMs), and how to design and manage corporate CGM frameworks.

IAIA15 Early Bird registration closes 16th Jan
06 January 2015
Florence, Italy, Europe

New postgraduate programme University of Queensland
27 December 2014
Brisbane, Australia, Oceania

To help meet the changing professional training and development needs of the extractive resources sector, The University of Queensland has launched a new postgraduate coursework program for 2015.
The Responsible Resource Development program is offered by UQ’s Sustainable Minerals Institute, the largest and most diverse education and research group in the world for sustainability in the extractive resources industry.

Deadline IAIA15 submissions 28 Nov 2014
17 November 2014
Florence, Italy, Europe

Deadline for paper & poster submissions IAIA15 is 28 November 2014

New WHO publication: Health in Impact Assessments
10 November 2014
Other Countries

New WHO publication: Health in Impact Assessments: Opportunities not to be missed.
Free download:
Also in Resources section of this SIA Hub website.

New publication: What is legal? Formalising artisanal and small scale mining in Colombia
27 October 2014
South America

‘What is legal?’ Formalising artisanal and small-scale mining in Colombia by Cristina Echavarría (2014)

The Alliance for Responsible Mining - ARM, in partnership with the International Institute for Environment and Development - IIED, present a new publication that explores challenges and opportunities for the Formalization of the Artisanal and Small Scale mining sector in Colombia, with a strong emphasis on gold. English publication launched at the 10th Annual General Meeting of the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.
Available in Spanish early 2015.

Please visit "news" section on

And download the complete publication here:

Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessement
08 October 2014
-- Please Select --

Social metrics are the new vanguard of sustainability. In a world of fast-paced communications and increasing transparency, businesses need measurable social impact data to make better decisions around social sustainability, find improvement opportunities and differentiate their products in the market. The innovative Product Social Impact Assessment methodology enables concrete, objective information at a product level.

Report on gender dimensions in mining and local development
02 September 2014
Australia, Oceania

Keenan, J. C. and D. L. Kemp (2014). Mining and local-level development: Examining the gender dimensions of agreements between companies and communities.
The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) has released the final report from a project entitled ‘Mining and local-development: Examining the gender dimensions of agreements between companies and communities’.

Costs of Company-Community Conflict in the Extractive Sector
27 August 2014
Other Countries

Costs of Company-Community Conflict in the Extractive Sector, by Rachel Davis & Daniel Franks (2014)

Social & Environmental Safeguards - World Bank begins discussions
05 August 2014
global, -- Please Select --

From August to December 2014, the World Bank is seeking feedback from stakeholders on the draft of the proposed Environmental and Social Framework to help inform the formulation of specific policy revisions, taking into account implications for implementation and operations. The draft framework will later be considered by the Board's Committee on Development Effectiveness.

Modular training course qualifying for international certification endorsed by MINES ParisTech
30 July 2014
Paris, France, Europe

3 possible training solutions meeting your needs, September 2014 to July 2015, in Paris

Registrations NOW OPEN - Community Research Methods for the Resources Sector
22 July 2014
Brisbane, Australia, Oceania

Registration now open! 8-11 September 2014, CSRM will be conducting a four day Masterclass on Community Research Methods for the Resources Sector. Designed as a core component of the UQ/MCA Diploma and Masters Program in Community Relations (Resources Sector)

CSRM hold first Masterclass FPIC
30 May 2014
Brisbane, Australia, Oceania

The Centre for Socially Responsible Mining will hold their first Masterclass in Free Prior Informed Consent from 19-22 July 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.

IAIA Special Symposium Resettlement & Livelihoods
20 May 2014
Kruger National Park, South Africa, Africa

 20-24 October 2014
Registration now open - deadline 15 June 2014

Long-term Monitoring Impact Assessment of Mining
19 May 2014
Panama, South America

Long-term Monitoring Impact Assessment of Mining in Panama, C. Quinn & J. Pouliot, 2014

IFC publishes Community Grievance Mechanisms toolbox
19 May 2014
Other Countries

This toolbox enables oil and gas companies to create, implement and raise awareness of community grievance mechanisms. Follow the link to the website to download the toolbox...

Social Risk Management and Development Training
13 May 2014
bangkok, Thailand, Asia

Channel Research is holding a two-day interactive training course on May, in Bangkok on Social Risk Management and Development. The course will focus on proactively managing social risks and the application of effective tools and methodologies for the extractive industries. Areas covered include: • Understanding the context (stakeholder and conflict mapping tools) • Stakeholder engagement • Community outreach project design • Management of grievances • Monitoring and evaluation

25 March - Ethical Corporation webinar on social risk management
19 March 2014
Global, online, -- Please Select --

Tuesday (25th March) at 13:00 GMT
Complimentary 45-minute webinar will give you an insight on how some of the industry leaders minimise social risks and build trust with their host communities, as well as providing you with the latest thinking on stakeholder engagement.

Training course on Implementing Management and Monitoring
13 March 2014
Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa

Implementing Management and Monitoring Interventions

Part of series of training courses offered by Syngergy Global.

IAIA Special Symposium Resettlement & Livelihoods
04 March 2014
Kruger National Park, South Africa, Africa

The symposium from 20-24 October 2014 will improve understanding of land access and resettlement issues, share lessons learned and discuss opportunities to improve performance.

new Ethical Corporation briefing on human rights
28 February 2014
Other Countries

Ethical Corporation has released an 8 page briefing on how extractive companies can reduce incidents of human rights infringements in their operations.

SIA symposium: Turning up the heat - 21 February 2014
21 February 2014
Sydney, Oceania

A symposium for SIA practitioners, researchers and others who need to consider social impact issues. it will focus on ways to turn up the heat on poor practice, recent success stories and ways to achieve good practice

SIA Symposium: Turning up the heat
21 February 2014
Macquarie University, Sydney, Oceania

Eight papers presented at this Symposium are now available online at

Research Position - Certification of Mining
02 February 2014
University of Queensland, Oceania

University of Queensland is hiring a Research Officer/Postdoctoral Fellow on Certification in Mining. Deadline 14 February 2014.

Details on website:

Edumine training 18-20 Feb 2014 - Environmental & Social Conflict Resolution
14 January 2014
live webcast format - global, Other Countries

This three-part course (live webcast format) draws on multi-faceted research at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining CSRM to provide:

  • an understanding of the costs of conflict in the resource industry;
  • processes and mechanisms by which communities can make their concerns heard and which companies can draw on to work with communities to negotiate and resolve conflict; and
  • the causes and consequences of environmental conflicts in the research sector, and the process of using ecological factors to promote peace.

SIA training in Angola 28-30 January 2014
06 January 2014
Angola , Africa

Social Impact Assessment and Management training course 28-30 January 2014 in Angola. Hosted by SINFIC in partnership with Community Insights Group - training by Ana Maria Esteves and Frank Vanclay

New article on cumulative impacts in Australia and Canada
23 December 2013
Other Countries

"Legitimizing industry and multi-sectoral regulation of cumulative impacts: a comparison of mining and energy development in Athabasca, Canada and the Hunter Valley, Australia" in Resources Policy.

New guide on integrating human rights into impact assessments
03 December 2013
Other Countries

This practical guide aimed at the oil & gas industry describes how human rights can be integrated into environmental, social and health impact assessments (ESHIAs), which the oil and gas industry routinely uses to evaluate projects and activities. It provides an introduction to human rights and their relevance to the activities of the oil and gas industry, and briefly describes why it is important for the oil and gas industry to consider the impact that its projects and activities have on human rights.

It is the product of collaboration between impact assessment practitioners from IPIECA members and human rights practitioners from the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR).

2013 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights
21 November 2013
Geneva, Europe

2-4 December 2013 Geneva, Switzerland
The Forum was established by the Human Rights Council and is under the guidance of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights. The Forum provides a global platform for the promotion and implementation of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. These Principles, unanimously endorsed in 2011 by the Council, are the first globally accepted standards on the responsibilities of States and businesses for preventing and addressing business-related human rights abuse.

SIA Symposium: call for abstracts
11 November 2013
Macquarie University, Sydney, Oceania

February 21, 2014
A number of recent events including new planning proposals, 'streamlining' & disputes about climate change threaten the practice of SIA. This symposium titled Turning Up the Heat will focus up ways to turn up the heat on poor SIA or HIA practice as well as on recent success stories.

The Practitioner's Platform website launched
05 November 2013
Global, online, Other Countries

This website is a first step at shaping the future of our young discipline by setting some criteria and standards; to do that we are seeking to initiate a broad-ranging conversation with our community of social performance practitioners.

Social Performance and Community Relations training courses
17 October 2013

Independent SP offers hands-on training programmes delivered by an experienced trainer:

Certificate Programme in Community Relations Practice
04 October 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa

This proactive course (4-8 November 2013) provides practical training on stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution, grievance management, and many more valuable skills that participants can begin applying to their daily work immediately after completing the course. The course attracts professionals within Africa from extractive industry operations, governments, NGOs, community based organisations and more, and addresses the key skills and knowledge needed by professionals to successfully manage their jobs in dealing with community relations.

New article on EIA
13 September 2013
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Asia

New article on 'environmental impact assessment': Kabir, SMZ & Momtaz, S. 2013. 'Sectorial variation in the quality of environmental impact statements and factors influencing the quality', Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, DOI:10.1080/09640568.2013.824415 Published online: 26 Sep 2013

New report 'Beyond Voluntarism
05 September 2013

Beyond Voluntarism: The Changing Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Investments in the Extractive Resources Sector. New report published by the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) Australia.

New book on Evaluating ESIA in Developing Countries
30 July 2013
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Evaluating Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in Developing Countries provides environmental scientists with tools to evaluate environmental and social impacts of development initiatives, especially in developing countries.

Momtaz & Kabir
ISBN: 9780124081291

New article on Social Impact Management Plans
10 July 2013
Queensland, Australia, Oceania

Professor Frank Vanclay and Daniel Franks have published the outcomes of their research on Social Impact Management Plans (SIMPs) as a journal article: Franks, DM and Vanclay, F. 2013. Social Impact Management Plans: Innovations in corporate and public policy. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 43: 40-48.

New website Human Rights and Greivance Mechanisms
21 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Other Countries

The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) is pleased to announce the launch of the Human Rights and Grievance Mechanisms website an introductory film on non-judicial grievance mechanisms, and brochures about the grievance mechanisms of two development banks.

New National Wildlife Federation report on mining
08 June 2013
North America

A new National Wildlife Federation report, Honoring the River: How Hardrock Mining Impacts Tribal Communities tells the story of hardrock mining and tribes, from the checkered history of federal legislation allowing mining companies to lease minerals on tribal lands—often without tribal consent—to the many new mines being proposed near tribal communities.

Special issue on human rights and impact assessment of IAPA journal
24 May 2013
Other Countries

The special issue was guest edited by Dr Deanna Kemp (University of Queensland) and Prof Frank Vanclay (University of Groningen) and was an initiative of the corporate stewardship and risk management section of the International Association for Impact Assessment.

New book on Social Impact Assessessment
20 May 2013
Developing Countries, Asia

This book evaluates the effectiveness of environmental and social impact assessment systems in developing countries using a new comprehensive approach termed by the authors as integrated holistic framework.

New report on FPIC
02 May 2013
Middlesex, Europe

The launch of the report, Making Free Prior & Informed Consent a Reality: Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Sector took place at Middlesex University in London on 2nd May 2013 (see

Social Impacts Alert!
28 February 2013, Oceania

This is a monthly scan of issues, public reports, trends and events for planners, policy makers interested in social impacts. Originally developed for social planners in Australia, it draws on a number of international, largely English speaking, sources.

The new social impact assessment handbook
31 July 2012
Book, Oceania

This is a handbook for social impact assessment practitioners, principally for people preparing SIAs but also for people commissioning or reviewing SIAs. It deals with foundation issues, methodological issues and pitfalls and ethical issues encountered in practice.

PhD Scholarship Opportunity
20 December 2011
Western Australia and South Australia, Oceania

The Centre for Regional Engagement at the University of SA, together with the CRC for Remote Economic Participation (CRCREP) is offering a PhD scholarship through the CRC REP research program entitled: Enduring Community Value from Mining.

Maintaining the benefits people get from nature
17 November 2011
Washington, DC, North America

The World Resources Institute just released Ecosystem Services Review for Impact Assessment: Introduction and Guide to Scoping. WRI invites social practitioners to use this method and provide feedback on how to better reflect the social aspects of ecosystem services throughout the impact assessment process.

IFC's Updated Sustainability Framework Fact Sheet
13 June 2011

The IFC's Sustainability Framework was updated in 2011 to reflect good practice, help protect people and the environment, promote transparency and accountability, and support clients in managing risks and doing business in a sustainable way. The updated framework will be disclosed August 1, 2011, with effective date January 1, 2012.

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