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Hello Everyone! just a quick one, do you know of where i could enroll for RAP and stakeholder management courses?
Posted By: Carol Pansiri
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SIA in Education field
Education being one of the important segment for companies and foundations to participate as sponsors/contributors, are there any tools which could help in assessing the impact? I understand it is a huge area and there could be different tools, but would love to read up on case studies as well which uses pre & post evaluation metrics.
Posted By: Naina Jmath
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Social Licence to Operate
I am wanting to explore how the concept and practice of Social Licence to Operate (SLO) has been developed by various industries or in various sectors (agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, mining, wind farms, prisons, .....). Id be very grateful for any leads on this topic - company websites, journal articles, grey literature, individual contacts.
Posted By: James Baines
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Rapid Social Appraisal
Can anyone point me in the direction of recent literature and guidance on Rapid Social Appraisal methodologies?
Posted By: James Baines
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Social impacts of aquaculture developments
I'm interested in canvassing experience/literature of applying SIA to aquaculture development - specifically mussels, oysters or caged finfish, and specifically in coastal marine settings. Particularly interested in SIA approaches and methods which have been applied and also in social effects which have been evaluated ex-post (as distinct from potential social effects which have been postuated ex-ante). I am wanting to explore (i) links between ecosystem services and social wellbeing, and (ii) links between SIA processes and the development of Social Licence. Any clues gratefully received. James
Posted By: James Baines
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Social Impact Analysis Survey
I'm about to close my social impact analysis survey but thought it would be good to see if anyone wanted to add their opinions? It's for my academic research being completed next month, which I'll circulate once reviewed. The survey asks about social impact analysis in a personal and professional context. Responses are anonymous, and I'm happy to conduct interviews if you'd prefer (there's an option to leave you email address at the end of the survey, or you can contact me through the hub). Link: http://goo.gl/BZ1L7 Many thanks
Posted By: Kim Bond
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Due diligence and social Impact Assessment
Hi everybody I want to know the importance of due diligence in social Impact Assessment
Posted By: Vineet Pandey
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Research topic ideas
Hello, I am a post graduate student at Macquarie University studying a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact Assessment. I seeking ideas for a research topic of modest scope for an SIA project with the aim of writing up to 5,000 words. All ideas welcome. Thank you, Rose.
Posted By: Rose N
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Understanding Engagement for Better Business
For those interested, recent blog published titled 'Understanding Engagement for Better Business: A Practical Approach' : http://www.bsr.org/en/our-insights/blog-view/understanding-engagement-for-better-business-a-practical-approach
Posted By: Jasmine Campbell
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SIA Work Experience Opportunity
I have recently completed my M.Sc. in Environmental Assessment and Management and I am interested in a career in Social Impact Assessment. In order to achieve this I require specific experience in: Conducting public participation strategies; Undertaking environmental and social impact assessments; Proposal preparation and reporting. I am based in London, Britain and I was hoping that a member of the SIA HUB might be able to assist me in gaining some on the job Social Impact Assessment experience to add to my CV. I am offering myself on an unpaid basis simply to get a better understanding of the mechanics of the Social Impact Assessment sector and I am happy to help with any day to day duties. If you are interested in assisting me then please could you contact me on 07779 608606 or email me at e_damienuk@hotmail.com. Thank you, Damien Eagling
Posted By: Damien Eagling
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Advice and Opinions Needed: SIA Quality
I am currently studying for an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management (EAM) at Oxford Brookes University, UK. For my dissertation I am investigating the quality of social impacts assessments (SIA) in environmental impact assessment (EIA) in the UK. To measure the quality of SIA reports in Environmental Impact Statements I have formulated a quality review criteria with the objective to provide recommendations for practitioners to improve best practice. I am seeking SIA researchers and practitioners to provide their opinions and perspectives with regards to potential improvements which could be made and additional measurements of SIA quality. I would therefore be most appreciative if any willing SIA researchers and practitioners would take the time to peruse the SIA quality review criteria I have formulated and provide advice. If you are interested then please could you contact me via my email address and I will send a copy. E-mail: 11084048@brookes.ac.uk Many regards and thank you, Damien Eagling
Posted By: Damien Eagling
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Wanted: Social Consultants with exp. in SIA
Acre are interested in hearing from Social Consultants with experience in Social Impact Assessment (SIA) due to a high level of demand from our clients. You will have previous experience of: Working on large, international SIA projects within the natural resources industry Having worked to international standards such as the Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards Languages Good project management, communication and business development skills will be an advantage If you fit this profile, then please get in touch with me as soon as possible. Tel: +44 (0)20 7400 5583 Email: mary@acre-resources.com
Posted By: Acre Resources
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environmental and economic impact of wind power
What are the environmental , social and economic impacts of wind power? MYSEEC (My Shared Ecological Education Centre) has students doing impact assessments of systems they choose to study. One is wind power. Any special discussion directions of research/policy, or reports, for advanced Grade 7/8? Thank-you...
Posted By: Valerie Taylor
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SIA for the first time
I'm a Social Planner for the City of Vancouver and I'm working on conducting an SIA on the effects of new development on a low-income community. I need mentors, advice, tips and resources! This is the first time we have attempted this and I'm the only one who has researched the topic at this point. Would really appreciate talking to people who have done SIAs...
Posted By: Tanya Fink
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I just completed my Masters degree in Community Management and interested in a career in Social Impact. I am in the process of enrolling for the Post graduate Diploma in Social Impact Assessment at Macquarie University.Anyone who can assist please contact me.I am based in Australia but flexible.
Posted By: Brian
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When is SIA Required?
I am preparing a short paper on when is SIA required? Please send me details on SIA requirements in your country, state, providence, agency or organization. An additional statement on how the regulations or requirements are enforced for a proposed development, new programme or policy change. If you make a contribution I will acknowlege you by section and send along a copy of the final paper. Send to Rabel Burdge, burdge@comcast.net or surface mail to PO Box 4056, Bellingham, WA 98227 USA.
Posted By: Rabel Burdge
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First forum topic
This is the first topic that has been setup on the SIAhub forum. The most recent forum topic will be displayed on the front page. All site visitors can click through to the Forum page and view the forum topics and comments.Only SIAhub members are able to post a comment.
Posted By: ADMIN
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