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IFC Recruiting Social Development Specialists
12/05/2012 3:13:46 AM (Closing Date: 21/06/2012)
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IFC is looking to hire 2 Senior Social Specialists (10+ yrs experience) and 2 Social Specialist (5+ yrs experience). Spanish and French speakers are encouraged to apply.
Job #: 121143
Title: Social Development Specialist
Location: To Be Determined
Closing Date: 06/18/2012

Job #: 121119
Title: Senior Social Development Specialist
Location: To Be Determined
Closing Date: 06/21/2012

Background / General description:
IFC is seeking to strengthen its global team of environmental and social specialists through the recruitment of  Social Development Specialists. CES wishes to recruit up to 4 Social Development Specialists over the coming year to further enhance its capacity to meet growing business needs. The positions will be based in country offices across different regions as well as in Washington DC. The final location of the positions will be determined based on the skills and experience profile of selected candidates (including language skills) in collaboration with Regional Management.

Duties and Accountabilities:
Technical responsibilities will include the review and appraisal of new investment proposals for IFC’s consideration, including the identification of social risks and issues as early in the project cycle as possible, develop recommendations for client actions and draft relevant project processing documentation.

Define steps required to assist clients improve performance and meet requirements of IFC’s Performance Standards (PSs), especially those related to community engagement (PS1), labor and working conditions (PS2), land acquisition and involuntary resettlement (PS5), indigenous peoples (PS7) and cultural heritage (PS8).

Oversee the supervision of the environmental and social performance of specific allocated projects; Identify opportunities for adding value in an investment project structure.

Where and when appropriate, assist IFC investment staff with business development related to environmental opportunities beyond risk management.

Work with client companies and IFC's Advisory Services department to mobilize technical and financial support for clients to address social aspects of client's operations.

Produce and disseminate good practices and lessons learned documents from IFC's work around the globe.

Provide training on social and/or environment issues to IFC borrowers and IFC investment staff.
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