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Call for Papers: Displacement, resettlement and livelihoods
30 July 2015
Papers which focus on any worthwhile topic relating to project-induced displacement, land acquisition, resettlement, or the restoration and enhancement of livelihoods in these processes are sought for a special issue of the journal, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA). IAPA is the journal of the International Association for Impact Assessment ( The December 2016 issue of IAPA has been reserved for this special issue. Please note that IAPA will be included in Thomson Reuters SSCI/Web of Science from 2015.
The special issue has been motivated by the realization that there is an increasing demand for land acquisition and the associated resettlement of people. Most large projects, almost by definition, require access to land. Often this results in the physical or economic displacement of people, and associated social and environmental impacts. Small, site-specific local projects as well as linear projects (e.g. highways and pipelines) also can require access to land and the relocation of people.

While the World Bank and IFC Performance Standards specify requirements to be observed when resettlement or displacement will likely occur, these are not always followed. Governments sometimes rely on their power of eminent domain and enact expropriation procedures rather than go through a process of building support for the project though the voluntary participation of affected people. Analysis of resettlement projects tends to show that people are made worse off as a result. Worldwide, there is limited experience and capacity in good practice resettlement. The purpose of this special issue is to increase awareness of the social and environmental issues associated with project-induced resettlement, and contribute to increasing capacity and knowledge about resettlement practice.

Further information is attached. Interested contributors should send an intention to submit paper (EoI/abstract) by 30 July 2015 to specifying author(s), affiliation, email, draft title and brief summary (circa 200 words) of intended paper. The submission date for final full papers will be 30 November 2015.
Contact Details:
Name: Dr. Frank Vanclay
Phone: +31-50 363 8657
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