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Displacement, resettlement and livelihoods - Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal Special Issue
13 February 2017
Online, Other Countries
Publication of the special issue of Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal on Displacement, resettlement and livelihoods

This special issue focuses on the issues associated with project-based land acquisition and resettlement processes, the displacement of people, and attempts to restore and enhance people’s livelihoods. Its publication in February 2017 coincide swith the Special Symposium on Resettlement and Livelihoods in Manila, The Philippines. This symposium of the International Association for Impact Assessmentis held in conjunction with the Asian Development Bank.

The key reason for the symposium and this special issue is that resettlement and its impacts are under-considered in the field of impact assessment . Given the history of harm created by displacement and resettlement, there is a real need to improve the practice of project-induced resettlement. The purpose of this special issue therefore is to increase awareness of the social issues associated with project-induced displacement and resettlement, and contribute to increasing capacity and knowledge about resettlement practice. The papers in this special issue are written by reflexive practitioners and some applied academics who share their experiences in an attempt to improve the practice of resettlement so that harm can be avoided and the intended positive outcomes of projects achieved.

Access to all papers is available from:

  1. Frank Vanclay, Project-induced displacement and resettlement: From impoverishment risks to an opportunity for development?
  2. Deanna Kemp, John Owen & Nina Collins, Global perspectives on the state of resettlement practice in mining
  3. Lidewij van der Ploeg & Frank Vanclay, A human rights based approach to project-induced displacement and resettlement
  4. Angeles Mendoza Sammet, Policy-induced displacement and resettlement: the case of the Mexican rural cities policy
  5. Eddie Smyth & Frank Vanclay, The Social Framework for Projects: A conceptual but practical model to assist in assessing, planning and managing the social impacts of projects.
  6. Marielle Rowan, Aligning resettlement planning and livelihood restoration with social impact assessment: a practitioner perspective
  7. Brooke Wilmsen & Andrew van Hulten, Following resettled people over time: The value of longitudinal data collection for understanding the livelihood impacts of the Three Gorges Dam, China
  8. Sanju Koirala, Douglas Hill & Richard Morgan, Impacts of the delay in construction of a large scale hydropower project on potential displacees.
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