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Mr James Baines
Company: Taylor Baines & Associates
Region: Oceania
Region of Speciality: Asia,Oceania
24 years experience as a social/environmental analyst, peer reviewer and trainer, involved in capacity building, in New Zealand and internationally, specialising in social impact assessment and integrated assessment. Experienced in cross-cultural settings.


Professor Rabel Burdge
Company: Western Washington University
Region: North America
Region of Speciality: North America,Europe,Oceania
Do SIA training for sponsoring organizations at their venue. Review terms of reference for SIA's and provide direction on how to measure social impact assessment variables. Comment and prepare social impact assessment agreements.


Ms Ruth Davies
Company: Akin Planning
Region: Oceania
Region of Speciality: Oceania
Ruth Davies is a highly experienced Social Planner. She has over fourteen years’ experience in social planning and social impact assessments and strong community consultation skills. She has worked in the sectors of urban development, transport, tourism, state and local government, water, mining and major infrastructure development.


Dr Ana Maria Esteves
Company: Community Insights Pty Ltd
Region: Europe
Region of Speciality: South America,Europe,Africa,Oceania
Ana Maria is director of Community Insights Pty Ltd. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow with the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the University of Melbourne and associate with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at the University of Queensland. Ana Maria is currently Section Chair of the Social Impact Assessment Section of the International Association of Impact Assessment.


Mr Gerard Fitzgerald
Company: Fitzgerald Applied Sociology
Region: Oceania
Region of Speciality: Asia,Oceania


Ms Claire Forbes
Company: Isles Consultancy
Region: Oceania
Region of Speciality: Oceania
Claire is a social performance and stakeholder engagement specialist with experience spanning both international development and extractive industries sectors, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. She has delivered projects to international standards and regularly advises on safeguard compliance for financial institutions and lenders.


Dr Daniel  Franks
Company: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining
Region: Oceania
Region of Speciality: South America,Oceania
Dr Daniel Franks is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Responsibility of Mining, University of Queensland. He is Co-Chair for Social Impact Assessment at the International Association for Impact Assessment. He has 12 years of experience working in social and geoscience roles within government, industry and universities.


Ms Danielle Martin
Company: DMC
Region: Oceania
Region of Speciality: Asia,Oceania
Danielle Martin is the Director of DMC, an independent consultancy firm specialising in strategic social performance, stakeholder engagement and communications management. Danielle has almost 20 years experience in the resources sector, managing complex social and stakeholder situations for large-scale infrastructure projects. Danielle specialises in the development and implementation of social performance management, community engagement, government liaison, strategic communications (risk) management and auditing. She has worked with diverse stakeholder groups and communities across Australia and internationally, in developing and developed countries, in culturally complex and challenging operating environments. Her experience includes social performance management within the mining and oil and gas sectors across Australasia and the Pacific, North America, Europe and the Middle East. She has held senior advisory positions with international mining and petroleum companies. Find out more at:


Mr Frank Reimann
Company: Community Insights Group
Region: Asia
Region of Speciality: Europe,Africa,Asia,Oceania


Professor Frank Vanclay
Company: University of Groningen
Region: Europe
Region of Speciality: Europe,Oceania
Prof Frank Vanclay is the Professor of Cultural Geography in the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. Previously located in Australia, Frank specialises in the areas of social impact assessment, and social aspects of agriculture, farming and natural resource management.

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