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Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Guidelines on the process and preparation of the SIA report for mineral projects (Government of Greenland)

Type:   Guides and tools
Topic:   Guidelines to conduct an SIA
Date submitted:   19/09/2017

Greenland wants to develop the mineral resources area into one of the country’s primary and principal business sectors. This is to be done in close collaboration and dialogue with the Greenlandic population. Understanding the interaction between mineral projects and Greenlandic society is therefore essential in order to create sustainable relations between mineral resources companies, municipalities, affected individuals, other stakeholders as well as Greenlandic society in general.
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Pursuant to Inatsisartut Act no. 7 of 7 December 2009 on mineral resources and activities of significance for these (the Mineral Resources Act), and later amendments, mineral resources companies must prepare a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in connection with developing mineral projects. Social Impact Assessments for mineral projects in Greenland must be prepared in accordance with good international practice. In 2009, version 1 of the SIA guidelines was issued. More than five years of experience in working with assessments of companies’ SIA reports and stakeholder involvement in general have created a natural need to update these guidelines. These guidelines (version 2 – 2016) include this experience and use the best international practice in this area, including experience from other comparable mining countries, as well as recognised standards from e.g. International Association for Impact Assessment (see reference list). As new specific initiatives, these guidelines include a section on pre-consultation and a White Paper, and the structure of the guidelines has been changed. Where the previous SIA guidelines from 2009 had focus on the content of the SIA report (dark blue circle in figure 1), these guidelines focus on the process and the preconditions for a good SIA process in addition to requirements to the SIA report. The reason for this is the increased focus in recent years from individuals and stakeholders on the consultation process and the preconditions that form the basis for this. The guidelines are to support assessment of the social aspects in a project. Moreover, they are to ensure that focus is aimed at strengthening constructive solutions in order to promote the positive opportunities in society caused by the project and also reduce negative impacts. These guidelines are more than just instructions on how to prepare an SIA report. They are to support a transparent process about openness and participation from relevant stakeholders in order to ensure the best possible sustainable development in Greenlandic society. 



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