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Industry and Communities: A New Paradigm Around Social Performance
26 June 2018 - 28 June 2018
Golden, Colorado, USA, North America
Industry and Communities: A New Paradigm Around Social Performance is a three-day intensive workshop which will provide a comprehensive picture of where industry sits in terms of its engagement with the external world, particularly with local communities. It will argue strongly that achieving a social license to operate is a business imperative and that companies risk not only costs and delays but their very survival in not doing so. It can be done well! The course is designed to be practical with immediate application to participants' day to day work. The Master Class is designed for both practitioners and corporate managers who wish to understand this new paradigm of describing, understanding and implementing a system built around the 'social performance' of a company or a project. Participants will typically come from functional areas variously termed Community Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, External Affairs, Government Relations, Communications, etc. The course material will be presented by Dr. Chris Anderson, who is one of the extractive world's leading Communities and Social Performance practitioners. He has worked on some of the most difficult projects with seemingly intractable community issues. Dr. Anderson is joined by Dr. Linda Battalora from Colorado School of Mines and Michael Oxman from Georgia Tech University For more information and registration, visit: https://csmspace.com/events/socialperform/
Course Details:
Prerequisites :
Level: Intermediate
Language :English
Duration :
Presenter :For questions please contact: Dr. Chris Anderson Yirri Global Greenwood Village, Colorado Email: JChrisAnderson@Yirri.Global Web: www.yirri.global
Contact Details:
Name: Dr. Chris Anderson
Organisation :Colorado School of Mining
Email :JChrisAnderson@Yirri.Global
Website: https://csmspace.com/events/socialperform/


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