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Social Risk Management & Sustainability in East Asia and the Pacific
03 June 2019 - 19 June 2019
Yangon, Myanmar, Asia
This practical training course promotes understanding and skills development in managing the social risks and impacts associated with the development of projects in East Asia and Pacific (EAP) in sector such as infrastructure, energy, and agribusiness, among others. It is intended to help develop practical skills based on the IFC Performance Standards related to social risk including land Acquisition and resettlement with a detailed focus on the challenges in the EAP context. The training course will be based on good international practices and standards, lessons learned on the ground and practical case studies, and includes a technical site visit. The topics covered in this seven-day course include: IFC Performance Standards in general, with emphasis on aspects related to social risk management, including compliance requirements and guidance related to: o PS1: identification and assessment of social impacts; o PS2: basics of labor & working conditions, impacts and management of workers camps; o PS4: community health &safety, including code of conduct, gender-based violence, labor influx, etc.; use of security forces; o PS7: indigenous peoples, including FPIC; and o PS8: cultural heritage. Stakeholder engagement and grievance mechanisms; Social Risk Management and Social Risk Management Plans, including considerations related to vulnerable groups and gender issues in the EAP[KML1] context; Land Acquisition and Resettlement, including: o Eligibility, entitlements and replacement cost; o Land legacies issues and common challenges in the EAP context; o Livelihood restoration; o Government led resettlement and community engagements; and o Monitoring and evaluation.
Course Details:
Prerequisites :
Level: Intermediate
Language :English
Duration :
Presenter :Angela Reeman, Reeman Consulting Gabriela Factor, Community Insights Group Kate Lazarus, International Finance Corporation, Myanmar Jorge Villegas, International Finance Corporation, East Asia Pacific
Contact Details:
Name: Suelen Haidar
Organisation :Community Insights Group
Email :shaidar@communityinsights.eu
Website: www.communityinsights.eu/eaptraining


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