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Society, Regional Development & Resources
25 September 2012 - 27 September 2012
Perth, Australia, Oceania
Social impact assessment in the resources sector is a process by which the social and economic implications of resource developments are identified, evaluated, and acted upon. Sometimes conducted as a compliance process for government approvals, many resource developers are today voluntarily undertaking social impact assessment to understand better their social footprint and respond to increasingly complex project and regional development landscapes, escalating government and societal scrutiny, and expectations associated with social licence to operate. Moving beyond static, point-in-time evaluations, lead organisations increasingly see the potential of social impact assessment as a knowledge platform, one that supports and complements a suite of adaptive management responses such as mitigation and development plans, reporting and social return on investment frameworks, and project inception to closure life-cycle planning. Outside of the organisational setting, impact assessment and associated systems also hold the potential to add value to the multiplicity of stakeholders with an interest and responsibility in regional development through increased clarity and transparency of decision-making and planning, and supporting capacity to evaluate beyond single development outcomes within cumulative impact settings. This three day program provides a forum for practitioners, organisations, and government to discuss and debate the current state-of-play of social impact and assessment. The workshop will include case studies and panel discussions drawing on national and international trends in impact assessment and evaluation. Taking a modularised approach, the program will be structured as: Day 1: Social impact in Western Australia the state of play Day 2: Social impact national and international trends and case studies Day 3: Thinking about regional development the potential implications of social impact and assessment practice.
Course Details:
Prerequisites :None.
Level: Intermediate
Language :English
Duration :
Presenter : Professor David Brereton: Chair in Minerals Industry Community Relations, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, The University of Queensland Winthrop Professor Paul Flatau: Director, Centre for Social Impact, Business School, The University of Western Australia Dr Daniel Franks: Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining and Co-Chair Social Impact Assessment, International Association for Impact Assessment, The University of Queensland Dr Catherine Pattenden: Manager Social Responsibility, JKTech Pty Ltd Additional speakers TBA
Contact Details:
Name: Dr Catherine Pattenden
Organisation :JKTech, CSRM and CSI
Email :c.pattenden@jktech.com.au
Website: http://www.jktech.com.au


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