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Social Risk Management Training
22 June 2015 - 24 June 2015
London, Europe
COURSE OVERVIEW This training is premised on the notion that stakeholder engagement must take into account risk emanating from and presented to society, as well as from a particular form of business. Social risk can be integrated into operational risk and into reporting. It is primarily about anticipation, and designing efficient strategies. This revolves around the correct identification of actors and drivers, a rigorous planning and evaluation system, and careful reporting. This intermediate level course would be ideal for: social responsibility and social performance personnel, community relations managers, community liaison, land acquisition, rehabilitation teams, local procurement, HSSE personnel. LEARNING OUTCOMES At the end of the course, participants will be able to: - Highlight social risks and opportunities - Manage community relations according to the mine project cycle of exploration, permitting, exploitation and closure - Use stakeholder mapping and conflict mapping - Engage with communities for outreach project design - Use the correct grievance procedures - Apply a range of relevant monitoring and evaluation tools - Allocate human and financial resources - Set relevant performance indicators adapted to business and community requirements COURSE OUTLINE The three-day workshop contains two broad pillars: 1. Strategic training on the potential risks and opportunities with a focus on engineering and operations, on company conduct, and supply chains. 2. Methodology and implementation of four key tools with easy but powerful implementation: community mapping, human rights impact assessment, intervention design, monitoring & evaluation.
Course Details:
Prerequisites :-
Level: Intermediate
Language :English
Duration :
Presenter :The course is facilitated by Mr. Emery Brusset and Mr. Thomas Trier Hansen. Mr. Brusset, a Yale University graduate, specialises in performance assessments, with a focus on operations in fast-changing and sensitive environments. He routinely leads stakeholder engagement teams in the field and frequently facilitates training in assessment methodologies. In addition providing policy advice at the highest levels of management, Emery has worked on site-level issues for mining and oil companies in their social investment and outreach activities. Mr. Hansen has more than 15 years of professional experience with human rights, labour and anticorruption related issues nationally as well as internationally from working in more than 25 countries in Latin America; Africa; Europe and Asia, including almost 6 years with the Danish Institute for Human Rights at its international department. He is also a former judge and former President of the Court of Greenland. His experience covers; risks assessments, human rights, labour rights and anti-corruption
Contact Details:
Name: -
Organisation :GRM International & Menas Associates
Email :training@grmfuturesgroup.com
Website: http://www.grminternational.com/training


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